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Inflatable Rentals

Inflatable rentals offer hours of fun. Our inflatable rentals come in bounce house and water slide types but also carnival game rentals and more. We offer a wide selection of party rentals to meet the needs of our customers. It is very common for our clients to have backyard events that simply need one or two inflatable rentals. However, we also offer inflatable carnivals for corporate events and community events. These also work great for fundraisers. If you are looking for the perfect party, don’t forget the entertainment!

Our inflatable rentals can be combined with concession rentals to really turn the party up a notch. Everyone loves concessions, and they are a very affordable addition to any party. We offer popcorn machine rentals, cotton candy rentals, and snow cone rentals. If you are throwing a fundraiser, you simply cannot miss out on offering concession rentals. These are very popular and make lots of additional cash while still being very affordable for your guests.

Fundraising with Inflatable Rentals

That’s right. Our inflatable rentals are perfect for fundraising events. Imagine not sending out order forms for kids to peddle cheap trinkets to their family and friends. An inflatable carnival is perfect as both kids and adults will enjoy themselves and want to come and take part in the event. In fact, we have done inflatable carnivals for many schools, churches, and communities that are looking for fundraising ideas year after year. Start a tradition in your area with a fun carnival that kids and adults will look forward to year after year.

While we offer inflatable rentals in just about any size and shape, we have other party rentals that are certainly worth mentioning. Your guests can have a great time trying their hand at climbing our portable rentable rock wall or have some fun riding on the Zoofari Animal Go Karts. We also offer the V4 Ultimate Euro Bungee, or the Toxic Drop Obstacle course is a fun time as well. We pride ourselves in providing everyone to ensure that your party goes off without a hitch.

Give your Guests an Amazing Time

Should you be overwhelmed at the selection, or maybe this is the first time you have had to throw a fundraiser of this size and type, we can help. We have been partying every day for years and see what people order and what is the most popular for certain size crowds and different age groups. If you have a mixture of ages, you might want to consider a little something for each group of people. For example, we have some smaller units such as the Tropical Crush, Under the Sea Bounce, or Princess Castle that could be used for those looking for a toddler-sized bounce house rentals. This will keep the little ones out from under the feet of the older kids. This prevents injuries and allows all ages to have a great time.  

We have some great things for adults and teenagers too. We recommend some of our great extreme party rentals, water slider rentals, and obstacle course rentals. These rentals are large enough to handle the weight of the teenagers and adults but also big enough for everyone to have fun. Whether you are entertaining kids or adults,s we have the perfect inflatable rentals for you.