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Carnival Activities/Games for Rent

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Carnival Rentals 

Carnival rentals are perfect for those looking to have a great time. We offer carnival rentals in a wide variety of different options to choose from.  Many of our carnival game rentals are small enough to do an inside carnival or can be set up outdoors for hours of fun.  Our carnival game rentals arrive before any of your guests and are set up for you.  We take the time to inspect each of the units as we inflate them for the upcoming party to ensure they are in proper working order.  

All of our carnival rentals are state inspected as needed so that we can proudly say we are licensed and insured.   Yes, we are not some guy with a truck and a few bounce houses, we are a professional party rental company that is proud to be serving the Spring Valley and surrounding areas.  We ensure that everything is sanitized before each set up to ensure the safety of our clients.  When it comes to carnival rentals, Air Fair Entertainment has you covered.  

Types of Carnival Rentals Offered

We offer many different types of carnival rentals to choose from to ensure that your party has a nice selection and variety to keep your guests happy.  Some of your options are:

  • Face Paint/Air Brush and Glitter Rental
  • Arcade Basketball Shoot Out
  • Cash Cube
  • Photo Booth Rental
  • Dunk Tank
  • Wax Hand Machine
  • Zap a Mole 
  • More

Are you looking for something unique?  We have you covered with some of the most unique carnival rentals in the industry.  Here you will find a wax hand machine.  This rental is pretty cool as the kids and adults alike can freeze the look of their hands. Imagine how much parents would love to take a nice trinket of their child’s hand home after a wonderful night at the carnival.  

Dunk Tank rentals are perfect for school or church events.  Put the teachers or um..volunteers in the dunk tank and sell tickets like crazy.  Every kid wants a chance to dunk a teacher.  You could also have the kids take turns and be dunked as well.  This is a classic and loads of fun.  

Other Party Rentals 

The photo booth rental is a rental that many people have been asking about. This rental is perfect for weddings, graduation parties, and school dances. The photo booth rental comes with everything your guests need to capture amazing fun photos. This can be a great way to capture what your guests are doing.  This digital photo booth comes with a printer that allows guests to print the photos of their liking with your logo or wedding name on them.  The name and logo are customizable.  

Our face painting station is another hot renting item.  This is perfect for those that are wanting to have face paintings done during their carnival. Most kids love the idea of face paint and this station comes with everything you need to do just that. You can also call ahead and we can have a stencil made with your logo for additional fun. This is perfect for those looking to add face painting to their corporate event.  

Call today if you are in the market of throwing a party or carnival and need to have some carnival rentals provided to your venue.  Remember, everything is delivered, set up, and picked up for you.  This makes it easy to throw a party with loads of entertainment.