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Carnival Game Rentals

Carnival game rentals are a unique addition to any party. These games come in a variety of different styles and types. Whether you have a crowd that is into sports or are looking for some classic-style games such as Foosball, Human Wack a Mold, or Zap a Mole, we have you covered. We also have some fantastic laser tag games that we can set up for your guests.

The laser tag is just one of the carnival game rentals we offer, but it is very popular. Here you will have up to 20 players playing as they would using paintballs or airsoft but without the pain or mess. This game is super fun for everyone, from school parties to backyard events. This can also be set up indoors for winter parties. Remember, no mess!! 

If you feel blah and want to find some fun indoor activities for both kids and adults, the laser tag rental is the perfect choice from our carnival game rentals. You will have live scoring. It ranks members based on their hits and more. Having a great time has never been easier than calling up Air Fair Entertainment.  

Yard Game Rentals

While laser tag is a great carnival game rental, we offer many other options as well as bounce house rentals to meet all of your needs. Carnival game rentals can also be precisely what one would picture for those nostalgic games. Imagine carnival game rentals like those you saw at the fair or carnival as a child! Those nostalgic booths with music playing and prizes hanging, you know the ones! 

In the Grand Carnival Game Booth, you will hang your prizes along the back wall, as we have all seen before. This nostalgic game is perfect for those looking to throw a carnival like the good ole days. If you look around, we are confident that you will find others with that same great look.

While many people rent our carnival game rentals for all kinds of reasons, perhaps you are looking for something to help with fundraising. Our inflatable carnivals have been the perfect fundraisers for many people. We carry many options for you to set up your fundraiser the way you want. We do recommend getting some concession rentals along with your carnival game rentals and bounce house rentals to make an inflatable carnival that nobody will forget. 

Fundraisers using our equipment does quite well as everyone loves a good carnival. Kids will hear about it from their friends and will want to bring their friends along.  

Party Game Rentals

Carnival game rentals are perfect for indoor events as well as outdoor. They are small enough to fit inside, but take them outside and add a water slide to the mix when the weather is nice. Our water slide rentals are the perfect addition to any party. They can be set up in a backyard or added to a community event! We ane to ensure everyone has a great time.  

All of our carnival game rentals are delivered to your party venue. We will set everything up and inspect it before we leave. We want you and your guests to have the ultimate experience. Call today and let our party professionals help you get what you need to throw an event of a lifetime.