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The 40' Sky Screamer Water Slide is not just any ordinary inflatable water ride; it's the tallest and longest water slide on the East Coast! Standing at a whopping 40 feet tall and stretching 100 feet in length, it's no wonder that the Sky Screamer is one of the largest inflatable water slides in the world. It's the ultimate water ride for large groups of people who are looking to experience some serious fun. This inflatable water slide is perfect for those who love to feel the rush of adrenaline as they slide down the towering structure. As you climb to the top, you'll be met with stunning views of the surrounding area, which only adds to the excitement of the experience. Once you're at the top, prepare yourself for the ride of your life as you plunge down the steep incline and glide down the long and winding slide. Then, lift off at crazy speed and land on our super soft, safe Zero Shock Stunt Bag landing area. At Air Fair Entertainment, we specialize in providing the most exciting attractions possible for your event. Sky Screamer is a true crowd pleaser, sure to wow even the most seasoned water slide lovers! There's no other water slide quite like it, and riders are always left wanting another ride. Don't hesitate to book this enormously fun time!

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